Famous Fast Food Chain Of Restaurants In US

Fast food industry has become big in the recent decades in the country due to more people looking to have their meals in these restaurants day in and day out. This has led to the emergence of many new names in the segment where so many of them are still able to provide delicious food to their customers’ liking.

While big names like McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks are already established, we see quite a few names that have established in the past two decades rising to prominence very recently.

Let us see some of the famous ones and a few interesting details about them.

Chick Fil A:

Chick Fil A has become a household name nowadays with more people willing to have their meals here. There are quite a few reasons for this – their commitment to sourcing healthy ingredients, providing healthy meals and good customer service. 

If you haven’t tried their salads, do it now.

Click here for Chick Fil A lunch hours.


Nobody would not know what McDonalds is? Such is their presence and popularity that it has expanded its reach to so many countries outside the US and they are dominant everywhere.

But do you know they have their Supply chain strong that has been one of the most important reasons for their success?


Whataburger’s rise in the fast food market is phenomenal and the success is owed to the quality and the taste of the food they prepare and serve to its customers. Though founded in the 1950s, they became bigger only in recent times.

Read here for Whataburger breakfast hours.


How can we miss this name? The largest single brand restaurant chain in the world, Subway has made the Submarine sandwich so popular, that the product became the brand itself. Now, when we think of Subs, we think of Subway only.

Do you agree?


Possibly the biggest Coffee house in the world? Maybe. They are also present around the world in about 80+ countries and a whopping 33000+ outlets. 

Why is it so big? That’s because Coffee is the most preferred beverage around the world and making it easily accessible with such good quality will always be a success model.

Pizza Hut:

Well, Pizza Hut is the world’s largest Pizza Chain present in more than 18000 locations in the world. When you think of Pizza, this is probably the name that comes to mind first.

That is mainly because of its easy operations, simple yet good pizzas and its ability to cater to a mass audience with its variety.