Why Whiskey May Be Good For You?

Let’s put first things first!

Whiskey is an alcoholic drink derived from fermentation of Grains, like Barley, Rye and Corn. As you may be aware of, Fermentation usually results in Alcohol and hence alcohol is a byproduct which is tapped into a whole new industry. 

But, this alcohol has its own negatives, apart from a large number of positive factors as well.

It is equally important to know the wrong side of the coin. Heavy drinking is definitely going to cause troubles.

Also, when Whiskey is mixed with other mixers, it depends on their composition whether it is good for health or not.

For example, in Whiskey and Coke drinks, coke is naturally a sugary substance and it is going to give you whatever it is associated with, So, it is important to take them with caution. Check here the ingredients that a Whiskey and Coke contains.

When consumed in large quantities, it is DEFINITELY GOING TO AFFECT YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM in addition to LIVER and other organs.

OK. Let us keep this fact out for a while.

What are the positives of drinking Whiskey?

We need to understand what are the other compounds you get in Whiskey.


Whiskey is known to have ZERO sugars, ZERO Fat and ZERO Proteins. 

This is Good by itself. No Sugars and Fat is great news!

But what else does it have?

There are traces of Vitamins and Mineral Salts like Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin B.

More importantly, Whiskey seems to have Ellagic Acid, which is known to kill cancerous cells inside the body. 

Ok, so it does look like there are many health benefits. Isn’t it? Several of them have been proved.

Let us see some of them.

While all these benefits are associated with low consumption of Whiskey, heavy drinkers cannot claim any of these, instead will face serious health issues which usually comes with any high alcohol consumption.

Healthy Heart:

The Polyphenols in Whiskey are potential Antioxidants that lowers the risk of Heart Disease. These compounds are known to reduce the Bad Cholesterol and the reduce the triglycerides in your blood.

On the other hand, Whiskey is known to be a Natural Blood Thinner that is going to keep your blood vessels from clogging, thereby reducing the chances of Stroke. 

Healthy Brain:

Small quantities of Whiskey is known to improve the functioning of Brain and reduce stress. This also improves the nervous system functioning and overall memory functions. 

One to Six drinks per week is known to reduce the risk of Dementia.

Healthy Immune System:

Whiskey, in small amounts will widen the blood capillary system and hence clear the congestion that is associated with Common Cold. Alcohol is also a very good antibiotic and it improves the antibody response inside the body, thereby improving overall immune function.